The Wisconsin Programming Languages (madPL) Affiliates program at the University of Wisconsin–Madison aims to promote an exchange of ideas between UW faculty, staff, and students in the madPL group, and our affiliates. The madPL faculty has decades of experiences in designing and deploying techniques for improving the life of programmers and making programming more trustworthy across all application domains. The madPL group has published more than 200 top papers, and influenced the design of a number of ideas in the programming languages world, from static analysis to program synthesis. In addition to academic positions, our graduates have taken industrial positions in leading companies, starting some of the best industry programming languages groups in the US (e.g., Facebook, Galois, Google, GrammaTech).


There are many advantages to becoming a madPL Industry Affiliate! Benefits can include: access to the affiliates’ meeting, online talks presented by the madPL group, and mailing list, acknowledgment on published papers, and opportunities to give plenary talks during the annual Affiliate Seminar Series.

How To Join

If you wish to join, please contact Prof. Loris D’Antoni (loris at cs.wisc.edu).

Current Members