PL Seminar is UW-Madison’s weekly Programming Languages Seminar where presentations are given broadly in the area of programming languages, formal methods, and compilers.

Talks are advertised on this page as well as the pl-seminar@cs.wisc.edu email list. To join, fill out the form located here.

All talks are at 1-2pm CDT unless noted otherwise.

Summer 2021

Date Title Speaker
May 21 Composable, Sound Transformations for Nested Recursion and Loops Kirshanthan Sundararajah

Spring 2021

Date Title Speaker
Mar 24 (9am CST) Functional Synthesis: An Ideal Meeting Ground for Formal Methods and Machine Learning Kuldeep Meel
Apr 23 Synthesis with Uncertainties Eva Darulova
Apr 30 MANTIS: Semantics-Guided Inductive Program Synthesis Roopsha Samanta

Fall 2020

Date Title Speaker
Dec 11 Objectively Measure Developers’ Cognitive Activities: Code, Biases, and Brains Yu Huang (Univeristy of Michigan)
Dec 4 Expanding the Reach of Fuzz Testing Caroline Lemieux (UC-Berkeley)
Nov 20 How To Find ML Bugs That Expose Data and Bias Outcomes Matt Fredrikson (CMU)
Nov 13 On the Design, Implementation, and Use of Laziness in R Aviral Goel (Northeastern)
Nov 6 Discussion of Resource-Guided Program Synthesis Qinheping Hu
Oct 30 Discussion of Liquid Information Flow Control Zachary Susag
Oct 23 Automated Testing and Precision Tuning of Numerical Software Cindy Rubio-González (UC-Davis)
Oct 16 Discussion of Detecting Numerical Bugs in Neural Network Architectures Yuhao Zhang
Oct 9 Discussion of Data-Driven Inference of Representation Invariants Jialu Bao
Sep 18 Resource-Aware Session Types for Digital Contracts Ankush Das (CMU)

Summer 2020

Date Title Speaker
Aug 19 Synthesizing Backward through the Geometry Pipeline Zach Tatlock (UW)
Aug 12 (10am CDT) Algorithmic Verification of String-Manipulating Programs Anthony Lin (TU Kaiserslautern)
Jul 29 Neurosymbolic Programming Swarat Chaudhuri (UT-Austin)
Jul 15 Programming, Debugging, and Reasoning Techniques for Posits Santosh Nagarakatte (Rutgers)
Jun 29 (12pm CDT) Engineering Approximate Computations Michael Carbin (MIT)
Jun 24 Reductions for Safety Proof Simplification Azadeh Farzan (Toronto)
Jun 10 #ShutdownSTEM #ShutdownPL  
May 27 Democratizing Web Automation: Programming for Social Scientists and Other Domain Experts Sarah Chasins (UC-Berkeley)
May 22 Accelerator Design Languages Adrian Sampson (Cornell)
May 20 Coalgebras Alexandra Silva (University College London)